Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beijing Contemporary Art & Photographic Exhibition

Art Exhibition in Beijing
The Beijing Contemporary Art and Photographic Exhibition opens to the public on 27th April and closes on 30th April in the Agricultural Exhibition Centre.
Access via Subway Line 10 Agricultural Exhibition Centre station
If arriving by car or taxi the Agricultural Exhibition Centre cannot be missed on the East Third Ring Road right on the very eastern end of Dongzhimen Lu, just south of the Sheraton Great Wall Hotel.

Art in Beijing

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nanluoguxiang Hutong Beijing

Take a stroll through the Nanluoguxiang Hutong in Beijing.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jiming Temple Nanjing

Jiming Temple (Jiming si) in Nanjing dates back to the 6th century but the present buildings are more recent. The name of the temple literally means "rooster crowing temple" and is the city's most active Buddhist temple.

Jiming Temple Nanjing

Jiming Temple is located not far from Xuanwu Lake and the Ming City Walls.

Jiming Temple Nanjing

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nanluoguxiang Amble

Are you one to enjoy hutongs and some of the traditional areas of Beijing? Take an amble through Nanluoguxiang Hutong in the area just east of Hou Hai Lake and the Drum Tower to be entertained by the street scene and fascinated by the many interesting shops selling more traditional products from Beijing. This a great place to buy souvenirs with a difference!


Nanluoguxiang is home to some of Beijing's most popular yoghurt. Locals and Chinese tourists will queue for hours waiting to buy their tubs of this reportedly delicious yoghurt. The yoghurt certainly looks good and is served with delicious toffee covered treats to mix into the yoghurt or to nibble on the side.

If you are interested in trying it either join the huge queue that cannot be missed meandering along Nanluoguxiang Lu toward the main cross road intersection and around the corner, or chat to some of the friendly locals who come out of the shop with bags of the yoghurt and they may offer you a taste. They will love it that you are interested! You may also be surprised to find that most of the people buying it are young and speak English, so it is not so daunting to have a chat.


Other shopping options include buying some beautifully made traditional Chinese clothing in any number of smalls shops set up in traditional hutong buildings. The fabrics and designs are delightful for those who are looking for something different to take home for that cocktail party or dinner out.

Cotton fabrics are most common, but silk and silk mixed with cotton can also be found in shops like Feel Shanghai which offers tailor made clothes in addition to those off the rack. Some of them are so light to wear you may even wonder if you are actually wearing anything! Traditional cloth shoes in a range of colours and designs can be found. Shops like Color Together sell traditional designs on t-shirts, aprons, shoes posters and other artwork from Sichuan province.

Color Together even have a few woodblock prints available from artists who have already passed into the next world; such colourful and detailed designs reflecting Chinese art are few and far between so if you appreciate such work do not hesitate to buy. Other shops sell products like t-shirts, mugs, porcelain sculptures, porcelain stools and a wide range of other beautiful porcelain products and nicknacks.

Visit NLGX Design Store at 33 Nanluoguxiang Lu to find a variety of clothing and footwear from an independent Chinese design company, A word of advice when shopping in Beijing, if you like it buy it today, it won’t be there tomorrow.

Of course if you enjoy coffee shops, bars or restaurants catering to western needs there are quite a number of those to be found too. Chinese restaurants, bars and cafes with menus in Chinese characters and English, staff who speak some English all help to make eating, sitting back and soaking up the ambience that much easier as you gaze at the passing parade of strollers, cyclists, pedal carts, and small cars.

For those wanting to eat other cuisines try the Korean, Indian or even Fish Nation restaurants. Don’t forget to enjoy some of China’s most famous teas on offer on a number of menus too. A trip to China is not complete without tasting the delicious tea. There is a huge range of flavours to enjoy, some more delicate and others with strong and memorable flavours. You may become so interested you will want to visit one of Beijing's tea markets like Maliandao Tea Street.


Café Zarah is a delightful café offering some of the most delicious affogato found anywhere. Affogatto is coffee with a scoop of ice-cream, simply divine! Located just out of Nanluoguxiang it is a little to the east of Nanluoguxiang Lu at 42 Gulou Dongdajie. You can’t miss it with its deep red coloured façade. This popular and stylish café offers an extensive menu of western style food along with wireless internet access.

The café can even be booked for special occasions or meetings. One of the highlights of any visit to Café Zarah is the opportunity to enjoy the regular exhibitions, the most recent being a photographic exhibition by Gemma Thorpe who had a delightfully unique take on life in Inner Mongolia in a range of colour and black and white photos titled Grasslands and Nomads.

Gemma has studied photography in the UK and in China. Her work offers much insight into the lives of people in real China. Coming soon will be an exhibition by Seppe Van Grieken featuring some of the construction involved with building Beijing’s newest and soon to be completed subway Line 4.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top Cellar Wine Event Beijing

We would like to invite you to attending our South of French Free Wine Tasting on 16th April (7-8:30pm) in The Palace (L 137, No.9 Guanghua Road), to taste the different styles of wines and meet new friends during the events.

Top Cellar Beijing

Top Cellar
The Grand Summit 19 East Road, Chaoyang District Beijing 100600, P.R.China
Tel: +86 10 85322522
Fax: +86 10 85322532

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Zhao Jia Chao Wei Classical Furniture Market Video

Browse for classical furniture and carpets at the Zhao Jia Chao Wei Classical Furniture Market in Beijing.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bei Shun Community

Bei Shun Community
When walking toward the Flower Bird Fish and Bug Market from Fuchengmen Subway station you will walk past the Bei Shun community on your right.
  Bei Shun Community
This hutong area has quite a large exercise park with many of the colourful metal exercise machines found in many exercise parks around China. Feel free to join in and exercise on any of the available machines. Bei Shun Community
Something not so commonly seen these days are the beautifully decorated blackboards or chalk boards with a lot of Chinese characters on the board. Those photographed are giving advice to the Bei Shun community about health issues. From time to time these chalk boards may be found in hutong communities outside police stations with various notices for the local community.
Bei Shun Community
In our digital age it is a delight to see these meticulous chalk drawings decorating such signs.
English: Bei Shun Community
Chinese: 北顺社区
Pinyin: Bei Shun She qu
Address for the nearby: Beijing Flower Bird Fish & Bug Market
Beijing Guanyuan Hua Niao Yu Chong Shi Chang
Add: 西2环阜城门桥东南角
Address: Xi er huan, Fu Cheng Men Qiao Dong Nan Jiao

Literally translated the name Beijing Guanyuan Hua Niao Yu Chong Shi Chang means: Beijing Official Flower Bird Fish and Insect Market

Monday, April 06, 2009

Chinese New Year Fireworks in Beijing

The fireworks at Chinese Near Year certainly go off with a bang in Beijing!

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E Cigarettes: A New Alternative

A new alternative to cigarettes is hitting the world - and much of it began in here in China.

The device is the E Cigarette or electronic cigarette. A cartridge in the electronic cigarette contains e-juice, with small amounts of nicotine contained in a propylene glycerol solution. When the user inhales a sensor activates a heating element which vaporises the nicotine.

E Cigarettes: A New Alternative

Crucially, there is no tobacco, tar or carcinogens in the e-cigarette. The only ingredient left from the original cigarette, or analogs as the rapidly growing e-cigarette crowd call them, is nicotine. Nicotine causes both the addiction and the pleasure of cigarettes, and while it is as addictive as heroin many experts believe it is no more dangerous than a cup of coffee.

Experts in Tobacco Harm Reduction have welcomed the product, stating that while more research is required it is clearly a far preferable alternative to smoking.

E Cigarettes: A New Alternative

Dr Murray Lauderson of Health New Zealand, analysed the e-cigarette and stated:

It is very safe relative to cigarettes, and also safe in absolute terms on all measurements we have applied.

Meanwhile, David Sweanor, who has advised the WHO on tobacco control, argued:

"If there is anyone who believes cigarettes are no more hazardous than e-cigarettes I'd recommend a remedial course in basic sciences."

Unfortunately many governments don't agree, and the product has now been banned in a number of countries. Fortunately, it is alive and well here in China, and is a must try while you are here!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Beijing Guan Yuan Hua Niao Yu Chong Shi Chang (Beijing Flower Bird Fish and Bug Market)

This must be one of Beijing’s few remaining authentic cultural experiences for a tourist to visit. For that reason we ask that tourists simply visit and enjoy the experience of seeing hutong dwellers going about their daily lives in this market, rather than challenge these friendly people with cameras. A wander through this market and saying ‘hello’ to both buyers and sellers is a warm way of stepping into a Beijinger’s traditional way of shopping.

Bird Fish and Bug market ambience

There are many varieties of pets (especially birds) for Beijing’s local and foreign residents to buy. Whether a tourist or a resident visitors will find themselves ‘ooohing and aaahing’ over many cute and adorable animals on display. Perhaps the scorpions are not so cute, but they certainly do fascinate.
Anyone wanting to buy an easy-to-fly kite could do no better than visit some of the indoor stalls selling kites and their associated equipment at very reasonable prices. If buying a larger kite be sure to buy a quality reel that will not damage your hands and fingers when quickly reeling in the string. Some designs may grate the knuckles when operating the reel quickly and under pressure. Consider paying a little more for a reel with nothing protruding from the outside of the reel to scrape skin off hands and knuckles.

Kites and equipment
Traditional Beijing shoes can be found at a couple of the outdoor stalls. Handmade cloth and leather shoes are available at bargain prices. The asking price for a pair of cloth shoes starts at around 50RMB. Shoe sellers
Wander a little further along the ally and find local residents selling old trinkets and ornaments to make a few extra yuan. Items like a laughing Buddha, old coins, sculptured metal oxen (a great souvenir from the year of the ox), bone hair combs and porcelain figures were recently on sale.

Love birds
To access Guan Yuan Shi Chang by subway, take the train to Fuchengmen subway station, exit B and turn 180 degrees to walk north along Fuchengmen Beidajie, on the east side of the west 2nd Ring Road. The market is a 5 to 10 minute walk either along the street or through the linear park.
As you enter or exit the subway via Exit B at Fuchengmen you will notice a large and very interesting restaurant called a “noshery”. Take time out to try some of Beijing’s local baking and cooking. This is a popular restaurant with both the locals and visitors.

Tianjin Architecture

Tianjin 100km east of Beijing boasts an eclectic mix of 19th century western colonial architecture and modern buildings.

Tianjin Architecture

Now one of China's largest cities, Tianjin has long been a gateway to Japan, Korea and the west.

Tianjin Architecture

During the colonial period, the city was divided into separate concessions for each colonial power: Britain, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Japan, Germany - all had economic interests in Tianjin. Many of the old buildings have escaped the wrecker's ball and have ben preserved - the Tianjin Fine Art Museum, for example, is now housed in a French colonial-era building.

Tianjin Architecture

Tianjin's striking modern architecure includes the Tianjin Eye Big Wheel and some bizarre modern sculpture.

Tianjin Architecture

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

China International Gallery Exposition 2009

2009中艺博国际画廊博览会(6th Edition)

The 6th Edition of the China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE 2009) will take place at the China World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall in Beijing in April 16–19, 2009.

CIGE is considered as the most established international art fair in Asia.
Presenting artworks from over 22 countries, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, India, and many other countries.

CIGE 2009 Gallery Exhibition
1F Area A & B of the China World Trade Center Exhibition Hall


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Friday, April 03, 2009


With the great success of the Bubbly Sunday Brunch, The Westin Beijing Financial Street elevates their guest experience with the inspiRED Sunday Bubbly Brunch. Every Sunday from 15 February 2009 guests will be delighted with a red themed brunch extravaganza.


The inspiRED Sunday Bubbly Brunch will see guests arrive through a red corridor filled with brightly colored red balloons and red gobo lights. Once inside guests will be treated to a sea of red decorations in and around an even more extensive buffet featuring gastronomic delights from all over the world to surprise.


With an even larger buffet the innovative food stations span both Senses and Prego taking you on a gastronomic journey around the world. Meander around countless food stations with caviar, fresh seafood, made to order pasta and noodle soups, warm pastries, decadent desserts, teppanyaki ice cream, salmon tartare, vast international cheeses, traditional Beijing duck and a sushi and sashimi station featuring delicate hand rolls.


Should you tire of wandering this enormous feast, the Westin chefs are on hand to 'pass around' giant strawberry mille feuille’s, giant grilled boerewurst, whole roasted lamb racks, grilled seafood and woodfired pizza’s. All brought right to your table for you to try for a truly decadent culinary journey. Guests can also choose from free flow of Pommery pop champagne, a selection of fine red and white wines, international beers, martini's, vodka's, or freshly squeezed exotic fruit juices or creative cocktails.


To complement the inspiRED atmosphere, a line up of talented roving magicians, salsa dancers, Chinese performances and the upbeat vocal styling’s of the Sound Forge band are sure to inspire the spirits of you and your family or friends.

InspiRED Sunday Bubbly Brunch in conjunction with UNICEF will raise money from varying red colored cocktails on offer each week. Guests can donate a minimum of RMB 15 to UNICEF that entitles them to unlimited red cocktails. All donations will go towards the "check out for children" program to help immunize children in developing countries.

RMB 368 per person with free flow Pommery Pop champagne, wine, beer and cocktails.

RMB 298 with unlimited soft drinks, juice and mocktails.

RMB 148 kids below 12 years.

All prices are subject to a 15% service charge.

Call 6629 7810 and be inspiRED!

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Soho on Guanghua Lu

Beijing's modern architecture continues to grow with the new Soho found on Guanghua Lu just north of the Silk Market and China World.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Brunch in Beijing

How could anyone resist the tantalizing temptations of a brunch at Senses restaurant found in Beijing’s Westin Hotel Financial Street! And there is endless French Pommery champagne!
Booking is essential. (Don’t be late, your table is only held for 15 minutes.)
Cost: 368RRMB + 15% service charge per person
Address: Westin Hotel Financial Street, 9bFinancial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100140
Telephone: 0106606 8866 or 0106629 7810
Access: Subway Line 1, Fuxingmen or Line 2 Fuchengmen (The hotel is about half way between the 2 subway stations and a little to the east. A 10 to 15 minute walk from the subway stations.)

Red Cocktail Bar

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